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Higher Education (Scotland) Today Programme

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21st November 2017 – 6th March 2018
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2nd March 2018

Taking up a role in a university or college of higher education can be a daunting experience, they are complex institutions, and developing a broad understanding of what makes them different to other organisations can improve one’s ability to work effectively within them. 


Participants will:

      * Investigate the origins of HE in Scotland and how this influences the current sector make-up

      * Identify the provenance of their own institution and discussed the impact of this on the HEI’s strategy

      * Grow their understanding of the financing of universities in Scotland and elsewhere

      * Enhance their understanding of the importance of research, teaching and ‘third arm’ activities

      * Consider the complexity of Universities and the professional     services provided

      * Look at current and future challenges facing HE

      * Consider how universities run themselves and how external stakeholders are involved

      * Discuss the inter-relatedness of other HE agencies

      * Relate their own institution to these issues

Further course content and background can be found on the following link http://www.stir.ac.uk/hr-od/learning-and-development/opportunities/